Nodulest 10

The soybean inoculant Nodulest 10 is prepared by mixing a pure culture with sterilized Sphagnum peat moss. The high quality of the product is obtained using a pure medium with a very high concentration of an efficient strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum per milliliter (>20,000,000,000 per ml). Due to this high concentration, a small quantity of carrier (peat moss) is used per bushel of soybean seed.
This characteristic allows Nodulest 10 to keep the advantages of a Sphagnum peat moss based product along with the lesser risk of blockage of seeders together with the simplicity of use of a liquid inoculant.


How to use Nodulest 10?


Standard Inoculation:

1. Using a clean plastic pot, dissolve the content of one plastic bag of Nodulest S1 + S2 (adhesive and additive) in 2 galons (7.5 litres) of fresh water (hypochlorite free). Mix until obtaining an homogeneous solution.

2. Add the content of one plastic bag of Nodulest 10 inoculant into the dissolved adhesive and additive. Mix gently until getting an homogeneous formulation.

3. Use 7 fl oz (approx.200 ml) of the obtained suspension to inoculate approx. one bushel (60 lbs = 1.2 units) seeds. Make sure that the product is uniformly distributed on the seeds.

4. The complete preparation should be enough for the inoculation of 50 bushels (3.000 lbs = 60 units) of soybean seeds.

Inoculation in double doses

For fields with no history of soybean cultivation it is advisable the use of Nodulest 10 in double amount during the first application. For those cases prepare the inoculant as described above but using 2 bags of Nodulest 10. (**do not change the amounts of adhesive, additive and water**).


Several fungicides have been used with Nodulest 10 (Biagro 10 in Argentina). However, most fungicide treatments reduce bacterial survival to some extent. Serious effects of certain products on both rhizobia and seed viability have been observed. The performance of new fungicides should be evaluated prior to massive inoculation.
Depending on fungicide compatibility, an increase in the amount of inoculant/seed may be necessary to achieve appropriate numbers of viable bacteria/seed.


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